I decided that it wasn’t. I was in college because I was scared of being different. One day, in the dead of winter during my last semester of college; I laid my pencil down, stood up and walked away from a final exam. I never looked back. And not as a freshman, but as a senior. In fact, 6 credits away from graduating. It sounds crazy. And my mother didn’t talk to me for months afterwards. What hit me in that moment was the realization that I wasted almost four years and tens of thousands of dollars on something I did not want. I knew that I wanted to build a business. I wasn’t sure what kind, but I knew that it would be difficult. And I wouldn’t waste another second of my time, or another dime investing in a future that was not mine. I quit because I knew my degree would be a safety net that would tangle me in mediocrity. I did not want something to fall back on. I wanted something to propel me forward.