After a few months, by investing in better inks and fabrics, DeadBuryDead started to earn a reputation for homegrown quality. Five years later, the brand is selling around the world. From a single design, we now have a full line of T-shirts, Dresses, and Fleece.  DeadBuryDead stocks boutiques in the United States, England, and Japan. And we continue to stay true to the independent brand lifestyle. I don’t do it for the money. I do it because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s the best job in the universe. I want to make something meaningful, because life is too short to be boring.



We build our products from the ground up. We start with our own unique pattern, then cut it, sew it, and dye it. This process is time consuming and expensive, but it allows us to deliver an exceptional product. 



Its not cost effective or quick to make things in America. But nothing good ever came quick or easy. Great things take time and money. We believe that no one should be exploited for the sake of profit. That's why we choose to make everything in Los Angeles, California.