I knew there was more to life than just a college education, a career, and a paycheck. I wanted to build something I could be proud of. I wanted to wake up every morning with a sense of excitement. I wanted to have fun. So with no money or special skills, I started a clothing brand. And it wasn’t easy. With one thing going for me – my back against the wall – this brand became my passion. Unlike most things, the name of the brand came easy. DeadBuryDead is from a story in the Bible that I first heard in Sunday school. And the sentiment stayed with me. As the story goes, a man came to Jesus and said he wanted to follow Him, but he couldn’t leave yet. “Let me bury my father first,” the man said, meaning he must wait until his father dies in order to collect his inheritance. Jesus replied, “Let the dead bury their own dead.” Jesus was telling the man to live for the moment. If his calling was to follow Him, then he should not wait. I felt a strong connection to the man in the story. Nothing is guaranteed in life. I want to live for today, and I don’t want anything to hold me back. So the name is fitting.